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About Lechon Manok Business

Lembert's story is the same with all the pioneer player of lechon retailers. It started out small conquering the fears of doubt and losing in putting up a business. Putting the puzzle pieces together of simply beginning an idea which is a new career is the most difficult part. The BatangueƱo director Sir Benedicto had a lot of experiences which qualifies him as the dreamer who does not sleep. Multi-tasking is needed to make things happen and survive specially for the lechon business. As far as his relatives and friends know, he worked at some Japanese restaurant, tried some small poultry business at his province in Ibaan and sold cars as an agent as sideline. Slowly with discipline, he saves money to use it as capital for his ideal firm. He was pushing himself to earn everyday since he did not came from a rich family. Remembering his video coverage at ANC, he said he wants to see a chicken meal in their dining table.

It was very rare for them to afford dishes like lechon manok and other chicken related menu. That was the time then when he went doing and thinking ways to earn outside his job. He started his first trial and error manok business in Caloocan near the old 1904 establishment called Manila Central University. He had a preview about the area and the place looks perfect for the retailing idea. Searching for supplier was not easy because they require a wholesale which was not possible then holding a few bucks on hand. He went broke many times and started over and over again many times. The dream was on and the loser is the one who quits. The times goes by and he was able to established on store and it became a hit. Loyal customers rise in numbers and it was possible to add another office.

In the year 2009, the firm was already strong and that was the moment that it was shared through franchise which help several business starters and professionals. Buyers of lechon manok went from 20 to 100 pieces per day and another food product was introduce and this is the pork belly or liempo. Pinoys love chicken and pork as one of basic necessities in our daily household needs. That was the wise strategy behind Lembest were it provides quality and flavorful smoky meats that everyone craves but cannot prepare instantly at home. As the food competition arise, innovations must be implemented to keep things going good.

Today Lembest has 6 choices of delicious protein packed meats and these are: lechon manok, liempo, sisig combo, chicken combo sisig, whole and half roasted chicken. The company continues to expand all over Luzon from the far north in Tuguegarao going to Manila and to the south provinces. It is truly a dream come true with Mr. Benedicto's brilliant mind and imagination creating success in the Philippines with the most in demand food during special occasion. A new combined commissary office was also built to have a one stop meeting place for investors and entrepreneurs.

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