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Lechon Baboy and Liempo

Roasting is a cooking style that takes time it can take hours to make a lechon baboy. Lechon is a very popular delicacy that is certainly a choice for fiesta anywhere in the Asia specifically in the Philippines.
In some restaurants, a baby pig is the best meat to roast since the meat of this animal is tender compared to
the matured pig. After cleaning the pork from inside and out, it will be coated with soy sauce which makes
the skin crispy and turns it to golden brown in color.

A bamboo is often use to puncture the whole pig from behind up to the mouth  in order to make it spin on the hot charcoal. Timing and patience is needed to make a perfect lechon baboy. It takes months of practice to get the crisp and delicious taste depending on what spices you will use. Festivals will not be complete without a lechon baboy, it symbolizes thanks giving making friends and family ties stronger.

Sharing lechon is like sharing the blessings and happiness throughout the year. It is also a great opportunity having lechon baboy as business.

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