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Lechon Liempo Franchise

The pork belly or liempo as the term local Filipinos use is a popular but simple dish. it is roasted "lechon or litson" until the skin becomes crunchy and the meat becomes tender. Cebuano's from Visayas an island in the Philippines, inherited the cooking style of the Spaniards during those early years of colonialism. Mactan was the destination of the famous ruler "Magellan" -- a Spanish man who pass traditions and cultures to the old Filipinos that do not have enough power fight then. Going back to the roasted pig, it was needed to be hunt those times since wild boars are so many. After they catch it, they will burn the fur or the hairs to remove dirt and mites. It is then brushed with soy sauce or "toyo" in tagalog which makes the skin crispy and golden brown in color.

Liempo and lechon manok are twins in the food industry because both of them are main source of protein aside from tilapia, galunggong and bangus. The franchising companies had the idea to share the wonderful opportunity to help Pinoys which includes learning to be an entrepreneur. We all know the pioneers Andok's, Baliwag and Aling Lydia became very famous and successful in this field of retailing. The competition is not a problem since everyone loves lechon liempo and litson manok. What really matters is the location where to start and construct the store combined with marketing strategies.

This food product is consumed everyday in the Philippines so it is best to practice this kind of business that targets hungry juan dela cruz. Make sure to study it before jumping right into the investment. Analyze for capital growth and return of  investment before putting up your lechon liempo business franchise.

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