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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Where is Lembest Lechon located?

   Lembest Lechon is located at Caloocan City Philippines near Manila Central University or often called MCU. The BatangueƱo owner Mr. Lembert Benedicto started the lembest lechon to make his own business and to his surprise it became popular and he already established the tradename 'Lembest' which is a combination of his nickname Lembert 'Lem' and adding 'Best' to make a good business name. Today Lembest lechon is love where ever it may rise because lechon manok is not a seasonal type of food treat unlike other street foods we normally see. It is a proven and tested profitable business nationwide, visit website to learn of how you can start your own Lembest Lechon in your area.

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