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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Business Topic - Risk Management

Experience is definitely the ultimate teacher. We all know that risk is a part of our daily lives. We can never assure something you want to work out instantly until that thing does not yet exist. Many curious individuals ask how can I fight risk? Well, just take the risk. It may be difficult for the first time but that is the real way, to practice taking every risk as possible. When you are doing taking chances, you can now see the statistics of the do's and don'ts. These are the situations that works fine and trials that do not work at all.

It is all about experimentation, a trial and error monitoring. I guess you wondering how to do this, you can preview this in your mind with this example. A famous scientist made an observation to a mice and his study is about the hearing intelligence of this creature. He makes a ting bell sound everytime a food is being introduced to the rodent. He discovers and proves that this animal's hearing can be manipulated. On the other day, he made a sound but this time there was no food is present. But the brain of the mice tells that there is food because of the "ting" stimulation.

With that story, the real solution to really know something is continuous testing. Being curious and cautious can develop a wiseman within you. Risk will lessen when you learn to solve problems. Make an imagination of your goal, preview what are the factors that can provide growth and the situations that may give a negative effect. It can take some time to see the answers you seek but this actually develops you to level up your strategic mind or the street wise insight. You can not make a difference in life and in business if you are not willing to go out of your comfort zone. Remember not to test the depth of the water with both feet. You can do great results when you become wise in managing risk.

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