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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Who is Lembert Benedicto?

source: lechon franchise

   Lembert "Lem" Benedicto is the humble owner of Lembest Lechon company. He is from Batangas a well known province in the south where politeness is seen in everyone's speaking and gestures. Not every batangueƱo is blessed with a big house with 2 cars on their garage eating cooked chicken meals on their tables and Lem's family was in that situation then. He worked hard everyday to attract the success he had in mind. While some of us consumed chicken almost everyday, Lem and his family rarely sees chicken on their plates in his past years. He began saving money and did some buy and sell to make profit aside from being a regional collection officer in a big company. Carefully step by step he tried things in order to fulfill the preview of his dreams. He wanted to become a boss of his own business and to be free of debt.

lembert benedicto opening a new branch

   With a focus endeavor to achieve the goal he set, big scarifies was needed along the way. Like the old saying " There is no short cut to a place worth going." Maintaining a great discipline of heart and soul combined with courage, he started his firm and he called it Lembest Lechon Manok. He now quit his job and manage a business of his own. Today, Lembert Benedicto is still a down to earth person as he was before is now enjoying a better life and now with delicious chicken meals at home. Truly there are ways to reach our goals just keep a positive attitude plus guts to take the risks.

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