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Friday, June 21, 2013

History of Lechon

  Lechon is a very popular food in the Philippines and other parts of the world. The term "lechon" came from a spanish word which means baby pig that is roasted. This particular dish is cooked through charcoal and in some regions around consider cooking an adult pig to feed many family and relatives during special occasions. It is also a national food in the Philippines and you will notice the Filipinos saying "who does not eat lechon?" Businessman also venture with this delicious food to make a living and earn good profit. Today, different parts of Asia did some branding to this delicacy which allows them to be known in their respective towns. They differ from flavorings combined with secret techniques on how to cook it.

   The old way of cooking it was brushing the liempo or manok with oil continuously to make the skin crispy and much easier to eat. Regardless of cholesterol issues it may bring, conservative consumption may decrease the danger of having a high blood pressure and other heart diseases. Others prepare lechon manok by stuffing some lemon grass, rosemary and other spices to make it more tasty inside out. Some firm teach their system through lechon manok franchising and share their expertise for expansion.

lechon liempo cooked in charcoal
lechon baboy 

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