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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Comfort Zone a Barrier for Business Success

Life and business are developed through time. With regards learning, the excellent teacher is experience combined with effort and persistence to acquire knowledge. Chinese nationals are among the largest business minded individuals in the world. The main reason for this incredible mindset is poverty. They are the who started barber shops in the Philippines and the soybean "taho". Turmoil came to China and many of them cannot afford to buy a good education. All they have to do to survive is to sell and create ideas to solve the problem of others. With all the hardships they had, they learned the most valuable aspect in business and this is the "financial literacy".

The same concept must also be applied to the Filipinos to learn how to build an empire of business. The comfort zone is a traitor for success. Large number of students are spoon fed and well provided for their everyday needs. This is the main factor that slows down the progress for self development and independence. They do not feel the pressure of what life brings and blinded by daily happiness. Rich and poor class really has differences and that is the right attitude towards spending. Every rich families today all came from a small beginnings at some point in their previous ancestors. Maintaining the wealth of the family needs continuous discipline and regular investments for growth. That is the only way for business and in life, growth.

Mastering how to handle finances properly can make someone rich whatever background they have. Successful people did not work for one day to have what they are having now. Time was needed to learn how money earn on its own. When an individual receives everything they need and want, they are just being taught to be a lazy bum. Proper instructions should be given by the parents to teach and give their children a chance to be self sufficient. The ability to think about the future is also an important factor for development. Preparation for the unseen situation can make anyone a good problem solver of different curves in life.

Determination to your goal set all matters to your daily routine and time management. Manny Pacquiao was a good example for this. He started in boxing when he 16 years old and imagine how young was that! Many average Filipinos learned how to earn money after graduation and sometimes it took them 4 to 10 years before they were educated to know how get profits out of work. Business, investment and franchising are one of the top profit providers for anyone in the world. All payments and revenue circulate with these big guys. So it is advised to have enough knowledge to learn on how to convert yourself into a serial entrepreneur since this is the goldmine for wealth. Other food chains like lechon business, siomai franchises are also profitable if you know how place your stalls properly where foot traffic is daily. The people in the area are your main source of income providing them their needs and nourishments. The Philippines top and best growing industries are franchising companies like lechon manok franchise, and this is focus mainly of wet and dry products.

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