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Thursday, June 20, 2013

My favorite take out meal

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I remember way back in the 80's my parents always bring home lechon manok almost every week sometimes after the sunday mass. We always eat the skin first before everything else and I recall the last part that was always left was the "pitcho" or the breast part of the chicken since it is less juicy among all the scrumptious chicken body. When we learn that there will be a manok pasalubong, me and my brother will rush to the nearest store to buy a carbonated drink "a coke and 1 big plastic of ice cubes." The best part that I love is the chicken ass..Weird but I really like it! 

lechon manok cooked to perfection
the take out meal favorite

As we grow up I still miss that native roasted manok in our province in Pampanga and still glimpse while it is circulating the hot charcoal. Its great that a food bring back the memories of the old days!

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