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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lechon Business humble and profitable

Lechon is a flexible meal for every Filipino and usually bought to serve 2-6 persons to alleviate hunger. This delicacy has the longest popularity since the time of Lapu-Lapu in Cebu. Common animals like chicken, pig and cow can be cooked as lechon even rabbits and turkey. The first historical cooking tool was "fire" and so roasting was the first ever and the only cooking style our ancestors know.

Lechon business was developed culture as the time goes by for business expansion. It is a good progress in the food industry to help and teach how to start a business. Franchising is a system that is pass to a business to copy the business routine. In starting a lechon business, a person must consider these entrepreneurial practice:

Location observation and study - feasibility study must be conducted where you want to put a lechon business. Acting like a consumer can help you identify to yourself if the product will be sold in that particular area.

Good management - every business needs a good manager to adjust some factors like how to market and make yourself known to the public. An owner must be creative to make ideas to standout among competitors in order to grow and prosper.

Good product movement - you are in a selling mode and you must think if your product (in this case lechon) will support the needs of your audience or consumers. Identifying the profile of your buyers may help you understand if they can buy a lechon meal.

To wrap it up, lechon business has been profitable and never loses its popularity throughout the years. Filipino culture is the main asset why this menu never fades.The Opportunity in business success will depend on the three entrepreneurial practice that was mentioned. It is now entering Cavite and Laguna, the south part of the Philippines

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