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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Investing Lechon Business in Laguna is it worth it?

Laguna  is the south part of the country and is a big area that still develops to be a competitive urbanize land. This just means that more opportunities are available to be put up here compared to a crowded place like Manila. Our Overseas Filipino Workers perhaps wander around in researching for investments or other businesses to make assets that earn in the future. Lechon business can be a passive profit for every Pinoys that aspire to have their own office someday. Chicken or "Manok" is a common bird that is a highly demand not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

That is the main secret of being in a business that will work for generations. Providing the need is the ultimate way to become successful as a businessman or an entrepreneur. According to the late evaluation of PSA or Philippines Statistic Office in 2010, the population in Laguna reached a massive 2.7Million. See ref. number: 2013-052 / release date: Saturday, June 8, 2013 - Census. You see this population number was taken 4 years ago and for sure the people increased again. Serving these folks of Laguna can make a difference if we are talking about food. Lechon is a pretty compelling menu for every Juan dela Cruz that loves to drink and eat with their families. Bonding moments as the average Filipino say, food is necessary to have quality talks. Eating together is more fun in the Philippines specially with your loved ones and litson is sometimes associated with gatherings and occasions.

Philippines lechon business in Laguna

Christmas or "Pasko" is a season of thanksgiving for a safe 365 days and almost every families in Luzon, Visayas and MIndanao serves a special meal on their tables. Despite the busy life of our fellow countrymen and time consuming food preparations; lechon manok, baboy, pork belly or liempo is easily bought for fast delicious meals. It is usually the main course aside from leche flan and some vegetable salads.

Being a consumer of this product, one does not notice how powerful the business is. But some entrepreneurs and keen analyzers knew how beautiful an income could be when you sell this delicacy. Combination of liempo na litson and sisig also creates a big impact to the followers of these companies. Interested parties must think of better place to put where the distribution can growth for the capital invested. Constructing it in main cities of the land with good foot traffic is the solution to make instant success. Being a food distributor of that certain type of meat that cannot be easily prepared can likely be patronized in a few weeks if strategized properly. Here are the cities of Laguna that investors may want to look at for building a future opportunity of area franchise business of the chicken company of lechon.

Main Cities:
Biñan City
Cabuyao City
Calamba City
San Pablo City
San Pedro City
Santa Rosa City

Los Baños
Santa Cruz
Santa Maria

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