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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Best Lechon Manok, Liempo and Sisig

The best tasting lechon are differentiated in taste according to its location. Aling Lydia's has distributing lechon baboy for many years and she started it in the city of Baclaran. She established her product very well from small beginnings to make a living but turned out to be a big success. More players and competitors arise like Baliwag, Sr. Pedro and other lechon providers in the country and they all seemed to be earning good in the food industry. These menus are like seen on special occasions during birthdays, Christmas or Pasko and even in school graduations. This is truly a mass favorite demand kind of feast. Some flavors are added which includes tanglad or lemon grass to minimize the natural smelly odor and taste of the meat. Seasonings of oregano, onions, black pepper and soy sauce are sometimes brush to the skin of the fresh animal to make it juicy and crunchy. 

Filipino will never forget this menu because it relates to the history of the Philippines. It was introduced to us by the Spaniards who conquered the country in the old days. The Spanish men usually cook this as a gathering food in a thanksgiving ceremony. They want to eat it together with their families, friends and loved ones. This is how the Filipinos adapted to the foreign culture and still practice it today. Lechon was very famous until now and in fact, there are many companies now that sell delicious products of chicken and pork belly around the country. Every place is a market  and where there are hungry people around there will be sales and good profit. The food business is a good strategy to earn extra aside from jobs and this is a passive type of income that money multiplies on its own. 

lechon liempo business
lembest lechon menu and food products

There are several starters that went broke not because the chicken or pork is not tasty enough but the main reason is poor location. Locating your business is far more important than the commodity itself. But the quality, the taste or the service is the second priority. Selling the need is the best solution for people who does not have the time to cook to do the services you do. So in providing and serving these protein animal muscles, may improve your savings and learn how to be a boss of your own company. 

Studying the public market where you want to put this business of lechon is the best preparation you can do. The people are the ones that will make your firm alive and kicking so you may want to observe the doings the movement of the folks in that specific area. You can always sell something specially food since this is a one of the basic needs of man and that include everyone of us. Sharing the goodness of these recipes: lechon manok, liempo and sisig may blessed you and your family like the big institutions that ones started very small. The real deal is take the risk if you dream big like these litson retail innovators of the Philippines. They are also open for franchising which can help ofw and investors that wants to retire with benefits.

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