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Friday, June 6, 2014

Patience is a Virtue in a Business Opportunity in Lechon

Business are everywhere and it makes every city a better place to live in. However while observing each origin of how it started, many companies begin with patience and small steps. These steps are shoes of disciplined with how to use money and investing time plus effort. A great example is a lechon business. It was discovered  many years ago and was later commercialized by lechon manok pioneers in the Philippines. Andoks, Baliwag and Aling Lydia was among top successful business makers of this opportunity. They all began with less knowledge about the said food retailing but with determination and patience, the small idea became a corporation that now has a very strong foundation.

Being independent and less help for relatives, they have no choice but to move forward and try everything they can to survive. Luck and blessings came along as they continue to pursue their dream of building the idea on their minds. Just like any other stories you see on short films and movies, bad times came when situations are quite hard for them but this moments just made them to fight more and be courageous. Their ability to solve problems improved for both business and life. Thinking of the necessities of the Filipinos, they thought about creating their original recipes of lechon manok. Sometimes it is also applied to a liempo which is popularly known as the "pork belly" because it also serves as a basic protein meat for everyone.

Other innovations of taste was invented by chefs around the world and was used by commercialized lechon franchise businesses today. "Tanglad" or lemon grass is use and stuffed inside the fresh chickens soft body to minimized the fishy odor. Salt, pepper, soy sauce or toyo and other fancy ingredients are combined to make a delicious overnight marinade for the birds. Time was needed to create a delicious meal to be patronized by the consumers of the area and they made it possible proliferating the lechon retail nationwide. They are considered the big players of the chicken industry in the Philippines and there are still new office names that are growing today.

New players or new generation business can still grow regardless of the competition since you are targeting the necessity of the area. Retail opportunity for always always pays and food is the most basic needs of man. Patience and hardwork are the main source of triumph. Do not forget to manage the finances and expenditures properly because money is consistently going out of our pockets. Make sure to spend less than what you are earning to save more and later invest for something profitable like food business franchises. Overseas Filipino Workers (ofw), amateurs and professional entrepreneurs must have enough patience because time is essential for growth. The lechon businesses today came from a different people with different situations in life but with consistent effort made them build the puzzles together. Everything is this world needs time to develop and prosper. Be sure to try to invest one day since saving and investing are two different issues.

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