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Friday, December 20, 2013

Lechon Business

This is definitely a good income provider if you will trace the Philippine history.
In the latter years, Cebu a specific region in Visayas was invaded by the Spaniards
to somehow conquer the rest of the island. With that motive, spanish culture was passed
to the early Filipinos and was carried away up to the recent time. Cooking, churches and
traditions was a big impact to the "indios" which was regarded to the early natives.
lechon business history of the Philippines
lechon business inheritance from spaniards.

lechon is a cooking culture that is inherited in Spain. But it was a good idea passing this
kind of delicacy because it is now practiced as business. Lechon business was a solid food
product that came to the Philippines. For many years it has scattered all over the country
roasting chicken, pigs and cattles. Lechon is a gathering food which makes it viral and
irresitable to eat. It may also promote good relationship while consuming it together with
friends and relatives where quality talks are shared.

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