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Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to franchise Lembest Lechon

   A franchisee must have a location to submit for ocular inspection and it must be atleast 15 square meters. Location maybe the most important factor for a business set up but it also requires good management and quality products to sell. In looking for a feasible space, one must think like a consumer that wonders where he should buy his needs and spot a space that gain a lot of public exposure like a palengke, residential areas, semi-commercial areas. see example below:

lembest right location business
Strategic location tricycle terminal in front of the store, long time residents, renting workers and students in the area. Store is inside a semi commercial subdivion near hospital and a university.

    Observing a location is indeed a good strategy for a more possibility for business success and factors may include time, type of people and sometimes jobs. These factors may help you think if the products will be consumed by the buyers in that specific area. Good management and efforts should also be practice by franchisees because a franchiser's success is not always the franchisees success. Remember being your own boss means you should be responsible for the good of your new business. 

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